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This policy will be used to see how active a user is. When you join the wiki, you start out at the Entry Level. Every week, you will level up until you hit level 3. Everytime you level, you will unlock more character spots and other privileges obtained in higher levels.

Entry Level

When you join the wiki, you start at the Entry Level. At the entry level, it's a good time to try to learn a little about the wiki and get acquainted with some of the users in our community. You will be permitted to one character spot at the entry level.

Level One

At level one, you have been here for one week and have obtained two character spots.

Level Two

At level two, you have been here for two weeks and have obtained three character spots.

Level Three

At level three, you have been here for three weeks and obtained five character spots. This also allows you to vote on issues open to Level Three users and makes you eligible to join the administration.


Chat Moderators

Chat moderators are responsible for maintaining order in chat, mediating disputes, and dealing with unruly users as policy dictates.

Community Administrators

Community administrators are responsible for running events and keeping the community informed. They also help guide new users.

Technical Administrators

Technical administrators are responsible for the upkeep of the wiki. Mostly, they handle coding, but they also deal with bots, mass categorization, deletion and the like.

Senior Administrators

Senior administrators are the highest ranking administrators. There is one administrator per department. A senior administrator presides over his department and is responsible for all it does and fails to do. They may nominate new members to their department, and the community votes whether or not to elect the nominated candidates. 

This is a list of policy pages for this Wikia. Please also see Category:Help, and the policy pages on the Central Wikia.

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