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General Rules

  • No Godmodding - Godmodding will absolutely not be tolerated. Godmodding is the act of a roleplayer performing an action without allowing the other player to respond. Ex. "Joe punched Bob, hitting him in the jaw and sending him flying. Joe then used his knife to stab Bob in the shoulder. After which, Joe kicked Bob in the shins."
    • No Emotional Godmodding - Emotional godmodding is like godmodding, but it deals with emotion, rather than physical.
    • No Bunnying - Bunnying is when a player decides what the other player does.
  • No Metagaming - Do not use out of character information to give yourself an advantage in a roleplay.
  • Realism - Be realistic. Yes, Star Wars is about monks with telekinetic powers and laserr swords, but be realistic within the boundaries of the mythos. That means you can't take out a flagship with one blast, kill a force user in one attack, nor 
  • Follow Your Character's Mindset - If you're going to do something, think about what your character would do in the situation rather than what you would do.
  • Don't Take it Personal - Don't take role playing personally. Conflict is a regular part of roleplay. If a person insults you in-character, that doesn't mean they mean it in real life. They're just playing their role, and so should you. Likewise, do not use in-character RP intentionally harass someone.

Character Death

In most cases, character deaths should be consented by the user and agreed upon between the participating players. With that in mind, a situation in which a character could potentially be killed should not be ignored simply because the player in question does not like it. We ask that all players approach the idea of character death realistically and not have characters miraculously escape an unescapable situation. If there is a disagreement between participating players surrounding the situation, a community administrator will determine the situation as the gamemaker and decide how it plays out. 

Canon Rules

Since the Disney acquisition of the STAR WARS brand, there have been changes in how canon operates. Our wiki does acknowledge Legends material, but recognize that changes in Canon supersedes Legends.

  • Canon: Canon refers to the seven main films, the Anthology films, The Clone Wars, Rebels, and all other Star Wars media created after April 25, 2014 (with the exception of The Old Republic and its respective expansions).
  • Legends: Legends refers to all materials created before April 25, 2014, outside of the original six films and The Clone Wars. This includes the ongoing MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  • Non-Canon: Non-canon materials include any materials that were never considered canon before the Disney acquisition. This includes all 'What If?' materials published under the Infinites label, the childrens' novel (such as Star Wars: Jedi Academy), and 'comic' materials (such as Angry Birds: Star Wars).

We consider both Wookieepedia and Star valid sources of Star Wars information.

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