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Event Points

Event points are faction-wide credits that allow faction leaders to purchase rewards, such as factions, locations, NPCs (typically droids), and starships. They are earned through participation in event RPs. Factions earn EP depending on how many faction-affiliated characters are in attendance (1 member = 1 EP). EP may be banked by factions in a page called {Faction Name}/Bank.

Major and Minor Factions

Major factions are factions that have the most control or influence over the galaxy. They hold an immense role in the story-at-large. The list of major factions can be found on the main page of the wiki.

Minor factions are smaller factions, typically player-created. They are typically allied with a major faction, but sometimes tend to be neutral. All minor factions have the potential to reach the status of major faction. 

Creating a Faction

To create your own faction, you must have 50 EP and five members (characters must be played by separate users). You will start off with one major outpost on the planet of your choosing.

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