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Blogs are a personal journal of logs for users to voice their thoughts and opinions on various subjects. They are typically accessed through a user page under the box of user information through the third tab, called 'Blog'.

General Blog Rules

  • Keep It Civil: All Blogs should be civil in both the blog and comments. There will be no foul language. Blogs are not allowed to be made to make a point and/or make a personal attack at any user. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. Any and all hostile blogs will be deleted and the user will be suspended.
  • No Mature Content: Remember that this wiki is used by minors and adults alike. Therefore no sexual content. Likewise, keep foul language to the minimum.
  • No Self-Advertisement: Please do not advertise your own wiki or website in a blog. If you wish to advertise or affiliate with us, go through the proper channels (see: Affiliation Policy).
  • Blogs Don't Replace Forums: These blogs are not meant to ask questions. These will be moved to a more appropiate area before being deleted.

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