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Requesting Blocks:

If a user thinks someone deserves to be blocked they should contact a Adminastrator. They should say why they think the person deserves to be blocked and please be as specific as possible. The Admin will then decide if the user should be blocked.

Wrongful Blocks:

If any Blocked User thinks they have been blocked for a bad reason should explain it on their talk page and a Admin will check it and decide if it's good enough.

Good Reasons:

  • Personnal Attacks on Users
  • Vandalism on the Wiki
  • Being Uncivil
  • Harassing a User
  • Spamming in Any Way
  • Edit Warring or Revert Warring
  • Sock Puppetry
  • Policy Violation
  • Inappropiate Username
  • Bunnyhopping

Bad reasons:

  • Disagreeing with a User/Admin
  • Disliking a User's ideas, opinions, etc.
  • Disliking a User's Character

Block Durations

Anonymous Vandals:

  • 1st offense: Warning
  • 2nd offense: Three day block
  • 3rd offense: Two week block
  • Further offenses: Six month block

Registered Vadals:

  • 1st offense: First Warning
  • 2nd offense: Second or Final Warning depending on severity of breach
  • 3rd offense: Temp block of 1 to 4 weeks depending on offence
  • Further offense: Permanent block

Sock Puppets:

  • 1st offence: Permanent block

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